Hello and Welcome, and many thanks for logging onto my website,

I am David (Dave) McBain – Toastmaster

Vice President of the Northern Guild of Toastmasters.

I am married with two Daughters and three Grand Children.

My employment was as an Electrical Engineer, where on attending many seminars and meetings, my public speaking really started, acting as Master of Ceremonies and Toastmaster on many occasions.

This overflowed into my private life at the Golf Club and various other associations that I was involved with and enhanced by attending public speaking and self expression courses for several years.

As I enjoyed this life I applied to join the Northern Guild of Toastmasters, a prestigious and well recognised guild of like minded individuals. I was accepted and completed a training course run by the guild and other associations.

I have worked my way up to becoming a “Full Member” of the Guild, being presented with a “Blue Collaret”, this is awarded for a combination of experience and competence, backed by previous qualifications.

Earlier this year I was nominated and installed as the Vice President of the Northern Guild of Toastmasters, a position that I am very pleased and proud to hold.